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Mastering Social Selling in 2024: Leveraging LinkedIn's Latest Features for Business Growth


This training session led by Tom Ryan, a seasoned expert in social selling and founder of Referral Program PROS, focused on leveraging LinkedIn for business expansion. Key takeaways include: 1. Personalized Outreach: Utilizing voice notes on mobile for higher engagement rates. 2. Profile Optimization: Implementing the featured section, creator mode, and custom button links to convert profile visits into leads. 3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Employing advanced targeting and outreach to identify and connect with the ideal client profile (ICP). 4. Messaging Strategies: Emphasizing the importance of value-led messaging and personalization to encourage responses. 5. Targeting and Connection: Discussing precise targeting through Sales Navigator and effective strategies for making meaningful connections. 6. Outreach Campaign Execution: Insight into conducting targeted messaging campaigns and measuring their effectiveness. 7. Automation vs. Manual Outreach: The pros and cons of using automation tools for LinkedIn outreach, with a focus on the benefits of manual, personalized engagement. 8. Lead Generation through Profile Optimization: Tips for making LinkedIn profiles more appealing and client-focused to generate leads. 9. Comprehensive Advice: Tom Ryan provided actionable strategies for enhancing LinkedIn social selling efforts and business growth opportunities. This session with Tom Ryan offered a comprehensive roadmap for utilizing LinkedIn more effectively, equipping participants with the tools and strategies needed to enhance their social selling efforts and drive meaningful business growth.

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