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Global Expansion Support

Helping You Expand Globally While Ensuring Local Success

We provide comprehensive support for your global expansion efforts, including market research, localization, and connecting with international partners. AI facilitates market analysis, cultural adaptation, and targeted outreach, ensuring successful penetration into new markets.

Select The Global Expansion Package That Will Help You Grow Your Business

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I will help you build your growth engine.

Experience unparalleled growth with Social Lift's 1x1 advisory services, where you can receive personalized guidance from Steven Tedjamulia for $165 an hour. Schedule your session today and unlock tailored strategies to elevate your business success.

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Steven Tedjamulia

Building Customer-Centric Growth Engines With AI

Partner with Steven Tedjamulia to leverage over 25 years of expertise in building growth engines and enhancing marketing and sales strategies, ensuring your business benefits from his pioneering leadership in AI-driven initiatives. His proven track record of successfully launching startups and collaborating with top-tier companies like Dell and Neiman Marcus positions your company for sustainable success and elevated market positioning.

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