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Announcing the First Cohort of Associate Publishers at The Growth Publisher

Announcing the First Cohort of Associate Publishers at The Growth Publisher

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural group of associate publishers at The Growth Publisher, a dynamic and diverse cohort of 16 talented individuals hailing from across the globe. This ambitious team, comprising both students and professionals, will contribute to 9 special editions of The Growth Publisher magazines.

Our associate editors come from various corners of the world - Africa, Vietnam, Europe, and the United States. They represent prestigious institutions including Boston College, Huntington University, Rollins College, California State Polytechnic University, New York University, National Economics University, University of Colorado, Munster Technological University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, University of Nebraska, among others.

These professionals are united by their passion for their respective industries and a shared goal to aid in business growth by disseminating best practices and case studies from industry leaders. Each associate editor will engage in a comprehensive experience, which includes market research, identifying key influencers, hosting podcasts, and authoring both blog articles and a special edition magazine.

This initiative is more than just an editorial endeavor; it's a pathway for our editors to become influential figures in their industries and expand their professional networks. We envision companies seeking out our associate editors for their expertise, talent, and specialized industry knowledge.

We proudly introduce our first cohort of accepted associate editors:

  • Honourable Ayaruja, Associate Editor @ Tech Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Manuela Zegarra Ballon, Associate Editor @ Destined For Growth Magazine

  • Daniel Barth, Associate Editor @ Tech Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Doha Boukri, Associate Editor @ Real Estate Growth Magazine

  • Wendy Chen, Associate Editor @ Money Maker Edge Magazine

  • Luis Costa, Associate Editor @ Money Maker Edge Magazine

  • Olivia Haley, Associate Editor @ Cuisine Commerce Magazine

  • James Hannon, Associate Editor @ Agency Accelerator Magazine

  • Joseph Latchaw, Editor @ Chief Growth Officer Magazine

  • Christian Mendoza, Associate Editor @ Auto Growth Magazine

  • Emanuela Panebianco, Editor @ Destined For Growth Magazine

  • Nathalie Tawa, Associate Editor @ Agency Accelerator Magazine

  • Hieu Pham Tran, Associate Editor @ Agency Accelerator Magazine

  • Jason Villanueva, Associate Editor @ Auto Growth Magazine

  • Mari Zhang, Associate Editor @ Tech Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Sokol Ymreraj, Associate Editor

Over the next few weeks, we will be making individual announcements for the editors who have accepted our offer.

In the next quarter, these associate editors will be spearheading the following special edition magazines:

  1. Top 40 Startups in South Africa, Tech Entrepreneur Magazine

  2. Top 40 Executives in Travel and Tourism, Destined For Growth Magazine

  3. Top 40 Under 40 Chief Growth Officers, Chief Growth Officer Magazine

  4. Digital Dealership Excellence Award, Auto Growth Magazine

  5. 40 Under 40 Top Money Managers, Money Maker Edge Magazine

  6. Top 40 Under 40 Rising Star Developers in UAE, Real Estate Growth Magazine

  7. Top 50 Content Marketing Agencies in the US, Agency Accelerator Magazine

  8. Top 50 AI Funded Startups of 2024, Tech Entrepreneur Magazine

  9. Top 40 under 40 Brand Marketers in Beverages, Cuisine Commerce Magazine

We invite others who are interested in participating in these groundbreaking projects to schedule an appointment and learn more about becoming an associate editor with The Growth Publisher. Our associate editors benefit from weekly group mentoring sessions, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and a supportive community of fellow editors.

Join us in this exciting journey, as The Growth Publisher not only accelerates business growth but also catalyzes the career advancement of our associate editors. About The Growth Publisher The Growth Publisher is a forward-thinking publishing company that empowers businesses and professionals across diverse industries. We foster knowledge sharing and community building, offering exceptional content through magazines, podcasts, events, awards, training, and a vibrant community. Our inclusive platform welcomes students, bridging the gap between seasoned professionals and emerging talent. Committed to excellence and collaboration, The Growth Publisher shapes industries and inspires change, serving as your partner in progress.

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