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Linking Success: Tom Ryan Unveils the Secrets of Social Selling Mastery at the Chief Growth Officer Summit 2024

Updated: Feb 20

Tom Ryan Unveils the Secrets of Social Selling Mastery at the Chief Growth Officer Summit 2024

Tom Ryan, the founder of Referral Program Pros, is set to be a keynote speaker at the esteemed Chief Growth Officer Summit on January 25th, 2024. His session, titled "Mastering Social Selling in 2024: Leveraging LinkedIn's Latest Features for Business Growth," promises to be an enlightening exploration of the evolving landscape of social selling with a specific focus on harnessing LinkedIn's newest features.

Tom brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Born and raised in Stillwater, Minnesota, Tom's journey has taken him from snowboarding and studying in Spokane, Washington, to co-founding a travel company in Florence, Italy, and serving as COO of a fintech company in Bellevue, Washington. Today, he leads Referral Program Pros and lives his passion for helping entrepreneurs grow, all while enjoying life in Seattle, WA, with his wife and two children.

Tom's approach to LinkedIn social selling is both straightforward and effective. He focuses on two primary strategies: outreach and audience building, recommending that professionals master outreach first for immediate results before incorporating audience building. His comprehensive method involves four steps: upgrading your LinkedIn profile, developing a targeted audience strategy, crafting a compelling value offer, and fine-tuning messaging to ensure your value offer reaches thousands of ideal prospects each month.

His clients, ranging from coaches and consultants to commercial real estate brokers and other B2B service businesses, speak highly of his methods. Testimonials from satisfied clients like Tonia Robinson, CEO, and Richard Cohan, Retail Consultant, underscore his ability to simplify LinkedIn for effective business generation.

At the Chief Growth Officer Summit, Tom will share insights on targeting precision, value-led messaging, effective message delivery, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles. His session is a must-attend for professionals and business owners keen on refining their outreach strategies on LinkedIn, ensuring their messages not only reach the right audience but also create impactful connections. Join Tom Ryan on January 25th from 1 to 1:30 pm MST to transform your social selling strategies and propel your business to new heights in 2024! About The Growth Publisher The Growth Publisher stands out by offering more than just services to transform companies and experts into industry influencers. We provide a comprehensive ecosystem that includes specialized magazines, exclusive events, a vibrant community, and prestigious awards. This unique combination accelerates the journey from being an industry expert to becoming a recognized influencer, ensuring our clients not only develop their influence but also gain substantial visibility and recognition in their respective fields. Our integrated approach encapsulates all the essential elements needed for impactful influence and sustained success in today's competitive landscape.

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