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Welcoming Doha Boukri: The Rising Star in Our Editorial Team

Doha Boukri: The Rising Star in Our Editorial Team

It's with great enthusiasm that we announce Doha Boukri as the new Associate Editor at The Growth Publisher. Doha, a current student at Boston College School of Management, is majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship, a background that adds significant value to her role in our team.

Doha's journey is a blend of academic rigor and practical experience. Her studies in finance and entrepreneurship provide her with a unique lens through which she views the real estate sector. While she is gaining experience in this field, her fresh perspective and keen insights are invaluable to our editorial process.

At The Growth Publisher, Doha will take charge of a special edition of the Real Estate Growth magazine, focusing on the "Top 40 under 40 Rising Star Developers" in the United Arab Emirates. This project is not just about highlighting the achievements of young developers but also about exploring the evolving dynamics of the real estate industry through the eyes of emerging talents like Doha.

In her role, Doha will collaborate closely with a team of associate editors. Her academic background in finance and entrepreneurship will be instrumental in bringing a new depth to our coverage of the real estate sector, particularly as it undergoes transformation and growth.

We're excited to welcome Doha to our team at The Growth Publisher. Her journey from the halls of Boston College to the forefront of real estate journalism is one we are eager to support and nurture.

Stay tuned for the upcoming special edition of the Real Estate Growth magazine under Doha's leadership. It's set to be an enlightening showcase of the real estate industry's future in the UAE.

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