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Social Lift partnered with Oracle and its affiliates to overcome significant challenges in the oil and gas sector, where creating targeted, multilingual content was costly and time-consuming. By introducing generative AI, Social Lift enabled Oracle partner's content team to swiftly produce high-quality, personalized marketing materials. The AI-generated content was original, grammatically flawless, engaging, SEO optimized, and indistinguishable from human-written text. This transformation resulted in a 90% reduction in creation time, a 50% increase in content relevance, a 40% faster decision-making process, and a 35% boost in conversion rates. The generative AI solution Social Lift provided enhanced Oracle partner's ability to engage its customer base and significantly improved sales and marketing efficiency. This case study highlights how generative AI can drive substantial time and cost savings, leading to improved business outcomes and accelerated growth.

Increasing Sales and Marketing Efficiency with Generative AI

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