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Marketing and Brand Strategy

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Advisory Services

I will drive your marketing success with innovative strategies and hands-on expertise.

  • 1 hour
  • 165 US dollars
  • Rexburg

Service Description

Step into a powerful one-hour consultation where your marketing goals are not just discussed but actively turned into reality. With over 25 years of expertise in strategic marketing and business growth, I, Steven Tedjamulia, am here to directly drive your success. This session is tailor-made for business leaders and entrepreneurs eager to enhance their market impact through proven, actionable strategies. During our consultation, we will focus intensively on your specific marketing challenges and opportunities. I will provide personalized insights and actionable recommendations that you can implement immediately to see measurable results. Whether it's refining your overall strategy, optimizing your digital campaigns, or enhancing your customer engagement techniques, you will receive expert advice tailored to your unique business needs. Moreover, I take a hands-on approach to ensure that the strategies we discuss are not only theoretically sound but also practically applicable. I’ll help you outline specific steps, create brief action plans, and even guide you through the initial stages of implementation, ensuring that you can execute with confidence. To provide even more value, I offer a discount for clients who commit to a retainer of hours. Investing in a block of time allows us to dive deeper into your marketing challenges and sustain momentum with continuous support and adaptation of strategies, all at a reduced rate. Invest in your success today. Book your session now and transform your marketing efforts into a definitive competitive edge in your industry.

Contact Details

  • Rexburg, ID, USA


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