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Developing a Content Strategy with Generative AI


A robust content strategy is essential for successful marketing campaigns. This course explores how to align content with business goals, create buyer personas, and understand content roles within the sales funnel. We'll demonstrate how generative AI, like ChatGPT, can streamline this process with practical examples. What You Will Gain By the end of this course, you will: * Align content strategy with business goals. * Create detailed buyer personas. * Utilize different content types within the sales funnel. * Use ChatGPT to streamline content strategy. * Develop a content calendar and distribution plan. * Implement SEO best practices. * Analyze and audit existing content. * Set up performance tracking and analytics. Who Should Take This Course This course is for: * Marketing professionals. * Content creators and strategists. * Business owners and entrepreneurs. * Digital marketers. Prerequisites Participants should: * Have completed the AI-Powered Marketing Professional Certification or have basic experience with generative AI. * Hold a valid license to ChatGPT. Certification: Generative AI Content Strategy Certification Upon completion, participants will earn the Generative AI Content Strategy Certification, demonstrating expertise in using generative AI to develop and optimize content strategies. The certification includes a final assessment. Conclusion This course equips you with the skills to create and manage a content strategy using generative AI. Enhance your marketing efforts, achieve your business goals, and gain a competitive edge in digital marketing. Join us to transform your content strategy today.

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