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Ben Foden: Pioneering Market Development and Growth at Helpfeel

Updated: Feb 20

Ben Foden

Ben Foden is a distinguished leader in market development and growth strategy, currently serving as the Regional Manager for North America at Helpfeel. With a career spanning over 15 years at Helpfeel, Foden has been pivotal in transforming the company into a global powerhouse in the self-service technology sector, backed by Salesforce Ventures. Starting as the company's first employee, his journey from an intern to a key executive showcases his dedication to leveraging technology for enhancing customer experiences. His expertise encompasses client relationships, operations management, and brand strategy, contributing significantly to Helpfeel's success. Foden's collaborative approach and innovative strategies have empowered businesses like Lush cosmetics, Seiko, and Japan Airlines, establishing long-term partnerships and driving Helpfeel's mission to boost self-service rates through cutting-edge AI and personalized service.

In an era where technology and customer experience blend seamlessly to forge the path of innovation, Ben Foden stands out as a beacon of progress and creativity. As the Regional Manager for North America at Helpfeel, Foden has been instrumental in steering the company toward unprecedented growth and market leadership. Helpfeel, known for its revolutionary self-serve technology, leverages patented search tech, cutting-edge AI, and white-glove service to enhance customer support experiences. At the helm of Helpfeel's North American operations, Foden's journey from a humble intern to a pivotal leader reflects his passion for technology and commitment to excellence.

Early Beginnings and Career Evolution

Foden's career at Helpfeel began 15 years ago in a tiny room in the SF Bay Area, where he landed an internship and became the company's first employee. This initial step marked the start of an illustrious journey, driven by a shared obsession with creating exceptional experiences through technology. Over the years, Foden has played a critical role in developing new products, achieving product-market fit, and executing successful go-to-market strategies. His efforts have been instrumental in scaling up multiple businesses within Helpfeel, now a global entity with over 125 employees and backing from notable investors like Salesforce Ventures.

Empowering Through Innovation

As Regional Manager for North America, Foden's focus is on market development, growth strategy, client relationships, operations management, and brand strategy. He is passionate about leading Helpfeel's go-to-market for English-language markets, establishing the company as a leader in visual communication, internal knowledge sharing, and self-service search. Through strategic visioning based on market research, competition analysis, and customer interactions, Foden has defined a clear path forward for Helpfeel.

Building and Sustaining Client Relationships

One of Foden's key strengths lies in his ability to establish and nurture long-term relationships with customers, ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 giants. His approach ensures that customer needs are clearly understood, leading to optimal results that drive sales, satisfaction, and retention. By implementing efficient processes across the customer journey, Foden directly impacts Helpfeel's costs and revenue, targeting improvements in sales, onboarding, and success processes.

A Vision for Brand Strategy

Foden's leadership extends to developing Helpfeel's brand architecture and spearheading company-wide branding efforts. His projects include branding new products and features and articulating the company's vision, mission, and values. This comprehensive approach to brand strategy demonstrates Foden's deep understanding of the importance of a cohesive and strong brand identity in today's competitive market.

Skills and Expertise

Foden's skill set is vast and includes sales operations, strategy, customer experience, project management, branding & identity, customer success, business planning, start-ups, contract negotiation, marketing, customer acquisition, management, business development, KPI implementation, and B2B marketing. His expertise has been honed through diverse roles within Helpfeel, including Product Growth Developer, Product Marketer, and various consultancy and management positions. His background in game development, web startups, and marketing consultancy has provided him with a unique perspective on technology, design, and user experience, further enriching his contributions to Helpfeel.

A Call to Connect

Ben Foden's story is one of dedication, innovation, and leadership. His journey from an eager intern to a key player in Helpfeel's success is a testament to his passion for technology and customer experience. As Helpfeel continues to transform self-service for businesses globally, Foden's role as a visionary leader is undeniable. For those facing customer-facing challenges, Foden's invitation to connect is not just a call for business but a gateway to exploring new possibilities in improving customer service through technology.

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