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Matthew Castriotta – The Influencer Revolutionizing Business Growth and Development

Matthew Castriotta

Matthew Castriotta is a dynamic and innovative business development expert based in St. Petersburg, Florida, renowned for his exceptional skills in growth hacking and LinkedIn marketing strategies. With a career dedicated to driving sales and business growth, he has significantly impacted various industries through his roles, including Chief Operating Officer at "The Good Guys Podcast," Business Advisor for LLC and FLOSSY.IO, and Investor/Marketing strategist at Hyacinth Business Support Services. His leadership at ReedTMS Logistics notably boosted business revenues, exemplifying his ability to generate substantial growth. A LinkedIn Open Networker (LION), Castriotta is passionate about connecting with professionals and leveraging his network to foster collaborative success. His approach is not just about achieving business milestones but also about enriching the lives of clients and stakeholders, making him a sought-after figure in the business community.

In the dynamic world of business, few individuals stand out as significantly as Matthew Castriotta, a name synonymous with innovative growth hacking and influential business strategies. Operating from the sunny and vibrant St. Petersburg, Florida, Matthew has carved a niche as a mastermind in business development, sales, and LinkedIn marketing strategies. His journey is not just about personal success; its about empowering business owners, executives, and sales teams to exceed their goals and enrich the lives of their stakeholders.

A Passion for Growth and Success

Matthew's career has been a testament to his unwavering dedication to sales and business development innovation. With the establishment of Castriotta Growth Hacking, he transformed his expertise into a beacon for others to follow, assisting businesses in crafting and implementing winning strategies for sustainable growth. His approach is not just about increasing numbers; it's about instilling a process that ensures consistent, high-quality deal flow with minimal overhead.

A Diverse Portfolio of Expertise

Matthew's professional journey is diverse and influential. His current roles include:

  • Chief Operating Officer and Co-Host at "The Good Guys Podcast": Here, he combines leadership with media to offer strategic insights in an engaging format.

  • Business Advisor for LLC and FLOSSY.IO: His guidance in these roles has been pivotal in steering these companies towards greater success.

  • Investor and Marketing strategist at Hyacinth Business Support Services: Supporting oil interests in Southeast Asia showcases his global business acumen.

  • Business Development Advisor for Krew Social: This role underlines his expertise in enhancing organizational growth strategies.

  • Evangelist at Reflecting his versatility, Matthew contributes significantly to this unique platform.

Record of Remarkable Achievements

Matthew's achievements speak volumes about his capabilities. At ReedTMS Logistics, he played a crucial role in elevating the company's business revenues substantially, showcasing his ability to drive massive growth. His personal and team book of business revenues in consecutive years (2020 and 2021) are a testament to his exceptional skills in business development and sales.

Connect with the Expert

Matthew Castriotta is more than just an influencer; he's a visionary who thrives on making a substantial impact in the business world. He openly invites recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers to connect with him to tap into his deep network in industry leadership. His approach is a blend of professional acumen and personal passion, believing in the power of networking and collaboration for mutual success.


Living and working in St. Petersburg, Florida, Matthew Castriotta is not just another business advisor; he's a transformative figure in the world of business growth and sales. His journey is marked by significant contributions to various sectors, and his open invitation to connect reflects his commitment to fostering a network of success and innovation. If you're looking to elevate your business, connecting with Matthew Castriotta is a step toward realizing those aspirations.

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