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Peter Levitan to Speak at the Chief Growth Officer Summit

Updated: Feb 20

Peter Levitan to Speak at the Chief Growth Officer Summit

Peter Levitan, a name synonymous with innovation and expertise in the advertising world, is set to be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Chief Growth Officer Summit on January 25th, 2024. Known for his dynamic approach and deep industry insights, Levitan's session promises to be a highlight for professionals aiming to navigate the complexities of the modern market.

Background and Expertise

Peter Levitan's journey in the advertising and marketing world is nothing short of remarkable. It all began at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied photography, leading to the establishment of Levitan & Feinstein Photography. This venture set the stage for his illustrious career, boasting clients like San Francisco Magazine, Robert Mondavi Winery, Sonus, and Visa.

Levitan's career took a significant turn when he joined New York’s largest "Mad Men" agency, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample Advertising, in 1980. Here, he managed accounts for industry giants such as P&G, Nabisco, General Mills, and Toyota, to name a few. His remarkable work saw the agency's acquisition by Saatchi & Saatchi in 1986, where he continued to excel, managing the global Northwest Airlines account and starting his penchant for English suits.

The 90s saw Levitan move to Saatchi’s London office as the European Director, managing significant accounts like Johnson & Johnson. His career trajectory took a digital turn in 1995 when he returned to New York. After a pivotal meeting with AOL’s President, Levitan ventured into digital marketing, leading significant developments in the online newspaper industry and earning recognition as a New Media Pioneer.

Levitan’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through with the founding of ActiveBuddy in 2000, a trailblazer in natural language bots. His innovation, SmarterChild, revolutionized instant messaging across platforms like AOL, MSFT, and Yahoo.

In 2002, Levitan moved to Oregon, acquiring the ad agency Citrus. Under his leadership, Citrus flourished, handling accounts for major clients like Nike, Providence healthcare, Harrah’s Casinos, and LegalZoom. His success led to the eventual sale. Beyond his direct business achievements, Peter Levitan is an acclaimed speaker and thought leader in the advertising and marketing sphere. He has shared his wisdom and experiences at various prestigious platforms, including the 4A’s, the ANA, and the Newspaper Association of America. His international reach extended to speaking engagements at marketing universities across India, demonstrating his global influence and understanding of diverse markets.

At the Chief Growth Officer Summit, Levitan is expected to delve into the pressing challenges of 2024’s marketing landscape. His session will focus on cutting-edge strategies for accelerating sales and establishing a commanding market presence. Attendees can look forward to insights on:

  • Positioning Mastery: Articulating a unique brand identity.

  • Communication Tactics: Crafting impactful messages and their effective delivery.

  • Innovative Channel Exploration: Identifying and leveraging new platforms for brand outreach.

  • Highly Focused Targeting: Engaging specific audiences to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Strategic Implementation: Effective execution of strategies from referral programs to employee training.

  • Client-Centric Growth: Utilizing current client relationships to drive new business opportunities.

Peter Levitan's session is not just an opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert, but also a chance to gain actionable insights that can transform the way businesses approach growth and branding in 2024. His combination of experience, innovation, and strategic thinking makes his session a must-attend for industry professionals seeking to lead in their fields. About The Growth Publisher The Growth Publisher stands out by offering more than just services to transform companies and experts into industry influencers. We provide a comprehensive ecosystem that includes specialized magazines, exclusive events, a vibrant community, and prestigious awards. This unique combination accelerates the journey from being an industry expert to becoming a recognized influencer, ensuring our clients not only develop their influence but also gain substantial visibility and recognition in their respective fields. Our integrated approach encapsulates all the essential elements needed for impactful influence and sustained success in today's competitive landscape.

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