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Ryan Davies: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Marketing Innovation

Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies is a visionary marketing leader and the Director of Marketing at Ekwa Tech, where he leverages his extensive experience in sales, digital marketing, and technology to drive business transformation and growth. Known for his strategic approach to enhancing customer experience and operational optimization through emerging technologies, Ryan has successfully built and scaled a content marketing machine, notably through podcasting, to bolster inbound marketing efforts. With a proven track record that spans roles at UPS, TELUS, Master Of Code Global, and Xerox, Ryan stands out for his ability to blend innovative conversational commerce, process automation, and customer engagement strategies to meet the evolving demands of the digital era. His leadership not only accelerates business transformation but also sets new standards in creating seamless, technology-driven customer journeys.

Ryan Davies stands as a paradigm of modern marketing leadership, embodying the fusion of technological innovation with strategic business transformation. As the Director of Marketing at Ekwa Tech, Ryan's journey illustrates a broad spectrum of expertise, from scaling podcasts to creating a formidable content marketing machine, all aimed at driving inbound marketing success. This article delves into his career trajectory, achievements, and the methodologies that have made him a distinguished figure in the realm of digital marketing and business development.

Early Career and Foundation

Ryan's early professional journey is marked by roles that laid the foundation for his expertise in sales, account management, and customer acquisition. At UPS, as a Senior Account Executive, Ryan honed his skills in developing new business, retaining existing accounts, and strategizing over competitive positioning. This role sharpened his ability to cultivate relationships across various levels of customer organizations, driving opportunities and addressing logistic challenges.

Transition to Technological and Strategic Leadership

Moving to TELUS as a Senior Account Manager, Ryan began focusing more on strategic account planning and executive relationship building in areas such as cellular mobility, unified cloud communications, and Internet of Things (IoT) asset tracking. This period was crucial for Ryan to deepen his understanding of how technology can transform business operations, customer experiences, and employee engagement.

Pioneering Conversational Commerce and Customer Experience

At Master Of Code Global, Ryan took on the role of Senior Manager, Sales & Accounts, where his responsibilities expanded to overseeing customer acquisition and leading inbound account-based sales teams. His work directly with enterprises, SMEs, and startups to integrate automation and innovative conversational experiences stands out as a testament to his forward-thinking approach. Ryan's focus on process automation, workflow enhancements, and strategic direction significantly contributed to creating unique customer and vendor experiences.

Leading Marketing and Business Transformation at Ekwa Tech

As the Director of Marketing at Ekwa Tech, Ryan's vision and execution capabilities have come to full fruition. He has been instrumental in building and scaling a podcast into a significant content marketing vehicle, driving the company's inbound marketing efforts. His role involves working closely with organizations to transform their customer experience, optimize operations, and expand market presence through emerging technologies like chatbots, conversational commerce, and the development of web and mobile interfaces.

Ryan's leadership is not just about adopting new technologies; it's about rewriting the rules of business engagement and interaction. The digital era, characterized by Cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, and Managed Services, demands a new business reality where adaptation and innovation are at the core.


Ryan Davies exemplifies the dynamic blend of technology, marketing, and strategic business transformation. His journey from enhancing sales processes and customer relationship management to leading digital transformation initiatives showcases a leader adept at navigating the complexities of modern business landscapes. Through his work, Ryan continues to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and set new benchmarks in the digital marketing and business development arenas.

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