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Welcome Emanuela Panebianco to Growth Publisher!

Welcome Emanuela Panebianco to Growth Publisher!

We are thrilled to announce that Emanuela Panebianco, an accomplished MBA executive with a wealth of experience, has joined our team at Growth Publisher as an Editor. She brings over 25 years of extensive expertise in sales, marketing, communications, and strategic leadership. Emanuela's exceptional skills in CRM, data-driven decision-making, and service quality focus make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Special Edition: "Top 40 Executives Driving The Future of Travel and Tourism"

Emanuela will spearhead a special edition of our Destined For Growth Magazine. This edition will spotlight the "Top 40 Executives Driving The Future of Travel and Tourism," showcasing the leaders and innovators shaping this vibrant industry.

A Glance at Emanuela's Stellar Career:

  • Outdoor Adventures Advisor at Enchantment Group: Emanuela managed Trail House bookings and sales, playing a pivotal role in developing the Grand Canyon Tour programs, the highest revenue stream for 2022-23. Her expertise in outdoor adventures and international relations was instrumental in planning and delivering exceptional guest experiences.

  • Senior Business Development Consultant at INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CONSULTING GROUP: Here, Emanuela provided value-added global marketing, development, and fundraising solutions. Her work included digital marketing, strategic planning, proposal management, and international development strategies.

  • Clinical Professor at USC Marshall School of Business and Link Campus University: Emanuela's academic roles involved teaching and advising in areas like business communication, marketing strategy, and data visualization.

  • Extensive Experience in Various Leadership Roles: Emanuela's journey includes significant positions such as Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Director, and Senior Consultant roles in various organizations. Her skills in contract negotiation, team leadership, CRM, sales management, and marketing communications have been consistently proven.

What Emanuela Brings to Growth Publisher:

Emanuela's vast experience and skills, including digital and integrated marketing solutions, proposal and project management, and her expertise in international diplomacy, make her the perfect fit for driving our special edition. Her ability to coach and train, coupled with her profound insights in sales and marketing management, account management, and her certification as a 'Trusted Advisor' and 'Google Platform Professional', equip her to lead our initiatives in showcasing the future of travel and tourism.

Join us in welcoming Emanuela Panebianco to the Growth Publisher family! We look forward to the unique perspectives and dynamic leadership she will bring to our team and our readers.

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