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Breaking Through the Noise: Mastering Sales and Brand Presence


This session offers a deep dive into the transformative advertising strategies shared by Peter Levitan, a seasoned expert with a dynamic career spanning the early days of advertising to the digital age. Participants will gain valuable insights into making their brands stand out in the crowded 2024 market landscape. Here’s what the session covers: 1. Career Journey & Insights: Starting from the '80s in New York's largest agency to becoming a digital nomad and consultant. 2. Brand Differentiation: The importance of understanding your product and finding a unique position in the market. 3. Storytelling in Marketing: Utilizing founder stories and customer experiences to engage and resonate with audiences. 4. Digital Media Strategies: Navigating the vast digital landscape and leveraging short-form video for authentic brand communication. 5. Leveraging Emerging Technologies: The significant impact of AI on marketing strategies and the need for personalization. 6. Client-Centric Growth: Strategies for understanding and meeting client needs to foster repeat business. Content Marketing Alignment: Aligning content marketing with sales goals through strategic planning and measuring content ROI. 7. Future Trends and Predictions: Emphasizing the resurgence of direct marketing principles and the critical role of AI in future advertising strategies. 8. Final Advice: Encouraging physical activity for a balanced professional life. This session is essential for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of modern marketing, offering practical advice and forward-thinking strategies to achieve standout success.

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