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Harnessing AI for Social Selling: Transforming Engagement into Qualified Leads


This training session, featuring Jérémy Ravenel, CEO of NAAS AI, delves into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of social selling and business growth. Ravenel shares insights from his journey and demonstrates how AI can bridge the gap between various business functions to drive revenue and efficiency. Key Highlights: 1. Introduction to AI in Business: Insights into Ravenel's background and the inception of NAAS.AI, emphasizing the fusion of business, technology, and creativity. 2. AI-Driven Social Selling: Strategies for leveraging AI to transform social media engagement into qualified leads, with a focus on content creation and personalized communication. 3. The Role of Content: Discussion on the importance of content in attracting and educating potential clients through social media platforms. 4. NAAS.AI's Approach: Introduction to NAAS.AI's platform, which integrates data across departments to support decision-making and automate business workflows. 5. Live Demonstration: A walkthrough of NAAS.AI's capabilities in analyzing social media interactions and generating actionable insights for marketing and sales strategies. 6. Investment and Implementation: The necessity for businesses to adopt an investment mindset towards AI for sustained growth and customization. This session is a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to harness AI for enhanced social selling and operational efficiency, presented through the visionary lens of Jérémy Ravenel.

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