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Leveraging Search Excellence: Elevating eCommerce Experiences and Outcomes


Dive into the future of e-commerce with Ben Foden from Helpfeel in this compact master class. Perfect for e-commerce professionals and digital marketers, this session pulls from the E-Commerce Growth Summit's insights to show you how to enhance customer support, personalize marketing efforts, and boost sales productivity using AI-driven search technologies. What You'll Learn: * Basics of AI-Driven Search: The role and impact of AI in e-commerce customer experience. * Success Stories: Including how Lush Cosmetics transformed customer satisfaction and operations with Helpfeel. * Optimization Strategies: Practical tips for using AI to improve self-service options and reduce support costs. * Sales and Personalization: How to leverage search analytics for better customer engagement and sales efficiency. * Latest in Search Tech: Explore Helpfeel's innovative approach to search technology and its benefits. Who Should Attend: * E-Commerce Managers * Digital Marketers * Customer Support and Sales Teams * Business Owners in E-Commerce Benefits: * Gain actionable insights to implement AI-driven search on your platform. * Learn to build a team focused on continuous search optimization. * Q&A session for personalized advice and deeper understanding. Transform your e-commerce strategy with the power of AI-driven search, under the guidance of industry expert Ben Foden.

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