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LinkedIn Mastery for Leadership Impact: Strategies


Join us for a concise yet impactful master class from the E-commerce Growth Summit, led by LinkedIn authority Judy Schramm. Aimed at CEOs and business leaders, this session is your roadmap to using LinkedIn effectively for executive branding, audience engagement, and organizational growth. Key Takeaways: * Profile Excellence: Learn to craft a LinkedIn profile that captures attention with strategic elements like a compelling headline and professional imagery. * Engaging Content: Discover the art of creating content that resonates, including the ideal mix of thought leadership and promotional material. * Network Expansion: Strategies for broadening your influence, from engaging with influencers to targeted LinkedIn ads. * Navigating Feedback: Tips for handling criticism professionally, ensuring your executive presence remains untarnished. Who Should Attend: Ideal for executives looking to elevate their LinkedIn presence, engage meaningfully with their network, and drive their company's growth through strategic online positioning. Your Instructor: Judy Schramm, with extensive LinkedIn expertise, offers a treasure trove of insights for leveraging the platform to its fullest potential.

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