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Steady Helm: Mastering Leadership Resilience in Storms of Change


This dynamic Master Class, inspired by Bill Hefferman's insights at the CEO Summit, offers leaders at all levels the tools to build resilience within themselves and their teams. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants will learn to navigate uncertainty with confidence and foster a culture of resilience. Key Features: * Insights from Resilience Expert Bill Hefferman * Interactive 90-Minute Webinars on Personal and Team Resilience * Hands-On Exercises for Real-World Application * Option for a Six-Month Intensive Leadership Academy * Personalized Leadership Feedback Tools Learning Outcomes: * Develop skills for personal and team resilience. * Implement resilience-focused leadership practices. * Shift organizational mindsets to embrace change and uncertainty. Ideal for: * Leaders seeking to navigate organizational change effectively. * Teams aiming to boost collaboration and adaptability. * Professionals interested in resilience and leadership development. Join Us: Transform your leadership approach and prepare your organization for the future with practical resilience strategies. Sign up now for a journey to leadership resilience.

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