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Mastering Product-Led Growth: Strategies for Startups in Sales and Marketing


This training session, featured at the Chief Technology Officer Summit organized by the Growth Publisher, showcased insights from Hrishikesh Kale, CEO of Codature. Focused on the evolving strategy of Product-Led Growth (PLG), Kale detailed the shift from traditional sales-driven approaches to leveraging products themselves as the main driver for growth and customer acquisition. Through examples like Slack and HubSpot, he highlighted successful PLG implementations and the critical role of delivering immediate value to customers. Key challenges, such as identifying a compelling value proposition and simplifying the user experience, were discussed alongside practical solutions. Kale emphasized the importance of seamless onboarding, collaborative team dynamics, and the strategic role of sales teams in a PLG model. He also offered advice on balancing in-house and outsourced resources, essential features for supporting PLG, and the necessity of analytics in understanding user behavior to drive product improvements. The session concluded with a note on the importance of PLG in the current market landscape, encouraging startups and CTOs to adopt these strategies for efficient, customer-focused product development and growth.

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