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Unlocking Luxury: Strategies for Accelerating E-Commerce Sales in the High-End Market


This E-commerce Growth Summit session featured Vania Carvalho Moura, a luxury e-commerce marketing expert, discussing innovative strategies for luxury brands online. Hosted by Steven Tedjamulia, the session delved into Vania's journey in the luxury sector and covered essential topics including: 1. Targeted Advertising: Emphasized the effectiveness of platforms like Facebook and Instagram and the importance of resonant messaging. 2. Sales Funnel Optimization: Offered strategies for engaging shoppers throughout the purchase journey. Enhancing Post-Purchase Experience: Highlighted the role of customer service in fostering brand loyalty. 3. Influencer Marketing: Shared insights on selecting influencers that align with brand values. 4. Personalization through Data: Discussed leveraging analytics for tailored shopping experiences while respecting privacy. 5. Content Strategy: Addressed the significance of compelling content and the role of video in engaging customers. 6. Omni-Channel Integration: Explored ways to blend online and offline brand experiences. Future Trends: Predicted the growing importance of AR and emotion-driven marketing in luxury e-commerce. Vania stressed the emotion-based nature of luxury purchases and the importance of understanding customer motivations. The session offered valuable insights for luxury brands aiming to enhance their online presence and connect with their audience.

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