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Rebecca Rosselli: The Entrepreneurial Force Behind Branding Brilliance

Rebecca Rosselli

Rebecca Rosselli is a dynamic entrepreneur, branding expert, and stand-up comedian known for her innovative approach to storytelling and business. With a background in art and design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, Rebecca co-founded Pivot and Pilot Creative, a leading branding agency that has transformed over 80 brands through compelling branding, packaging design, and multimedia advertising. Her entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, and she has since expanded her impact to the United States, spearheading the agency's growth in Austin, Texas. In addition to her business ventures, Rebecca shares her quick wit and humorous insights as a stand-up comedian, captivating audiences with her unfiltered humor and engaging storytelling. She continues to inspire others with her passion for creativity, entrepreneurship, and the power of authentic storytelling.

From a young age, Rebecca Rosselli exhibited a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship, art, and the power of storytelling. Her journey into the world of business began at just 11 years old when she embarked on a venture as an "elevated babysitter," showcasing her creativity and branding prowess by offering additional services like cooking and art lessons, setting herself apart from the competition and charging a premium for her services.

Fast forward several years, Rebecca co-founded Pivot and Pilot Creative, a branding agency focused on helping businesses revamp their identities and level up their market presence. With a background in art and design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, Rebecca brought a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the table.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to take the leap into entrepreneurship after a stint in the animation industry left her feeling unfulfilled. Teaming up with her close friend Alejandro, they founded Pivot and Pilot Creative, armed with little more than determination and a vision to make a difference in the branding landscape.

Since its inception, Pivot and Pilot Creative has been instrumental in transforming over 80 brands, providing them with compelling branding strategies, eye-catching packaging, and engaging photo and video advertisements. Rebecca's leadership and dedication have helped the agency gain a reputation for guiding brands through pivotal moments in their journey, whether it be launching a new product, rebranding for a fresh start, or securing funding for growth.

Not content with just making waves in Canada, Rebecca spearheaded the expansion of Pivot and Pilot Creative into the United States, with a focus on Austin, Texas. Her strategic vision and ability to navigate new markets have propelled the agency to greater heights, cementing its position as a leader in the branding industry on both sides of the border.

In addition to her work with Pivot and Pilot Creative, Rebecca has lent her expertise to other ventures, including serving as an Investor Pitch Deck Mentor at SKU, where she helped clients secure millions in investment by refining their presentations. She has also contributed her insights as a board member for Entrepreneurs' Organization, focusing on memberships and fostering entrepreneurship in the Austin community.

Away from the boardroom, Rebecca showcases her love for storytelling in a different setting - the stage. As a stand-up comedian, she brings her quick wit and punchy narratives to audiences, offering a refreshing perspective on topics ranging from pop culture to dating.

Rebecca Rosselli's journey from a young entrepreneur with a knack for branding to a leading force in the world of business is a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and determination. Through Pivot and Pilot Creative and her various endeavors, she continues to inspire others to dream big, take risks, and carve their own path to success.

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