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Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Harnessing AI to Master Content, Audience Engagement, and Multi-Channel

Explore the transformative power of AI in advertising with Maryna Burushkina, uncovering the future of content generation, precision targeting, and omnichannel strategies for the digital age.

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Harnessing AI to Master Content, Audience Engagement, and Multi-Channel
Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Harnessing AI to Master Content, Audience Engagement, and Multi-Channel

Time & Location

Regularly Scheduled Event

Virtual Event

About the event

Join us at the Technology Innovation Summit for an enlightening session where Maryna Burushkina, a pioneering force in digital marketing and AI integration, will share her insights on the evolving landscape of advertising in the age of artificial intelligence. In an exclusive interview by Steven Tedjamulia, Chief Editor for Social Lift, Maryna will delve into the future of advertising, focusing on generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and their impact on content creation, the significance of audience graphs in the post-cookie era, and the strategic selection of advertising channels in a fragmented digital space. This session will explore cutting-edge approaches to attribution that bridge online and offline worlds, scaling beyond traditional search and social strategies, and the precision of micro-targeting to captivate niche audiences. Chief Marketing Officers and marketing leaders will walk away with actionable strategies to leverage AI for competitive advantage, ensuring their brands not only keep pace with but lead in the rapidly changing digital marketing ecosystem.

Key Learnings

  1. The AI Revolution in Content CreationDiscover how generative AI technologies are transforming content creation, making it more efficient and tailored to audience needs. Learn about the balance between automation and maintaining brand integrity, alongside the ethical considerations in AI-generated content.
  2. Audience Engagement in the Post-Cookie EraExplore AI's role in developing new methods for tracking and engaging audiences without relying on cookies. Understand the importance of privacy-compliant strategies, such as audience graphs, for precise targeting and real-time behavioral insights.
  3. AI-Powered Channel OptimizationGain insights into how AI helps marketers navigate the multichannel landscape to identify and prioritize the most effective channels for their campaigns. Discover best practices for integrating AI to enhance customer experience and ensure a cohesive cross-channel marketing strategy.
  4. Advancing Audience Understanding and Micro-TargetingLearn about the tools and techniques AI offers for deeply understanding and engaging niche audiences. This includes leveraging AI for micro-targeting at scale, ensuring marketing messages are highly relevant and personalized.
  5. Redefining Marketing Attribution with AIUnderstand how AI is revolutionizing marketing attribution, making it easier to track the effectiveness of online and offline campaigns. Discover strategies for expanding beyond traditional search and social platforms to capture a broader audience.
  6. Strategic AI Integration for Competitive AdvantageMaster actionable strategies for leveraging AI across various aspects of digital marketing, from content generation to channel strategy and attribution. Learn how to use AI not just to keep pace with industry changes but to lead and innovate within the digital marketing ecosystem.

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